The Easy Way To Stylish Breakfast

by admin on November 22, 2012

We Brits are a nation of breakfast lovers, whether it’s some hot buttered toast, a bowl of steaming porridge – with salt for the traditionalists, any other kind of accompaniment for those who are not so strict – or the great British fry-up.

Having said all that, these days a good breakfast is probably the meal we are most likely to skip with the hectic pace of life we lead. So when you do get the chance to enjoy your breakfast at a leisurely pace, why not go the whole hog and make it special. That means not only your choice of food, but also the way you choose to decorate the table, and the overall ritual of breakfast at a slower pace. Many designers have turned their attention in recent years to tableware and cookware, meaning there is no excuse for not setting out a lovely table, the better to enjoy that all-to-infrequent treat of a relaxed, cooked breakfast

The main thing you will need for the perfect stylish breakfast table is decent crockery, for preference robust, attractive items like Emma Bridgewater’s ivory coloured mugs, plates and teapots. While there is nothing to beat a lovely cup of tea from a bone china tea set, this is perhaps not ideal for early morning when sleepy fumbles could result in disaster.

One Of Emma Bridgewater's Stylish Teapots - It Does Exactly What it Says!

The selection on offer from Emma Bridgewater simply demands we should stop awhile and make breakfast a treat, rather than something we rush through as we grab our coat and head out the door. It can be found at a range of good stores nationwide or online from

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