About Us

We all work much harder these days just to make ends meet. More often than not leisure pursuits are relegated to something we get round to just at the weekend. That means that when we have the luxury of some precious free time we really want to enjoy it to the maximum.

And when it comes to leisure, we all have our own passions in life. Whether your passion is decorating your home, cooking or eating out, or perhaps you get a buzz from travelling to far-flung places, you can always get help and information from friends and family, but sometimes it’s good to be able to access a reliable, independent and impartial resource you can fall back on for help or for inspiration.

And that’s exactly where our site comes in!

Every week we will be bringing you news and features on a broad range of interests, ranging from interior design and home improvements, all the way to reviews or tips on the best places to visit for your summer vacation or for a romantic weekend getaway. Perhaps you would like to take up a cookery class or an arts and crafts course but are not sure which one would suit you best. Maybe you are looking for some inspiration for the best way to decorate your new home or renovate an old fashioned bathroom or kitchen. Or perhaps you have finally decided that it is time to get fit and need some tips on the best kind of diet and exercise regime to follow. No matter the dilemma you are faced with, we’ve got it covered.

So what exactly will we be featuring in our new lifestyle site? Well, our aim is to embrace as wide a range of topics and issues as we possibly can, so as to ensure that our resource offers something of value for all our visitors. That means, broadly speaking, you can expect to find features, news, reviews, tips and suggestions on a range of different issues including – but not restricted to – the following:

Home and Garden; Interior Design; Health and Fitness; Food and Drink; Hobbies;Travel; Eating Out

At the heart of all these activities and leisure pursuits is the family home, where everything takes place. Your home is your family’s very own private sanctuary. It should be the best place in the world, where special memories come together. So it’s little wonder we all want to create that dream home where we can take refuge and simply be ourselves. No matter how big or small your house may be, with our great idea and tips you can let your creativity run wild to come up with a living environment that perfectly matches your family’s dreams and aspirations.

And speaking of the home, let’s not forget the enjoyment that can be derived from a carefully tended garden. Gardening is one of the most fascinating and rewarding of hobbies. Don’t worry if you are not green fingered – just browse through our site and you’ll soon discover a hidden talent for growing flowers, plants, herbs, shrubs and vegetables. Aside from the garden adding aesthetic value to your home, it can be very functional too. You will learn how to effectively arrange your shrubs and trees so that you take advantage of nature during those constant temperature changes. For instance, during an extremely hot weather, your plants can provide you shield and filter out the sun’s harmful rays.

Our team of writers aim to inform but also to entertain so you can expect the information and features contained in the site to be presented in a simple easy-to-understand manner, without getting bogged down with too much technical jargon. For example if you are reading about gardening, don’t be overwhelmed with terms you might encounter, like pergolas or propagators, because our simple online guides will walk you through things step-by-step. If a task or job needs some expert assistance we’ll say so, leaving you free to get on with something else which is more readily achievable. However much we might enjoy a challenge in the kitchen, there’s little point in giving you a recipe that is so complicated that it can only really be made by a 3 star Michelin chef. Better to provide you with something which can be achieved without too much stress and hassle so you can enjoy the experience, rather than endure it. After all, your free time is too valuable to be wasted on something non-productive.

We really hope you enjoy visiting our site and our regularly updated blog. If you have any topics you would like us to cover which are not currently featured, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.