Shine A Little Light

by admin on November 29, 2012

During these cold winter nights summer surely feels a long way off, but, happily, if you enjoy pottering around or simply relaxing in your garden you don’t need to forego these simple pleasures because of the dark nights.

In fact, what better way to make the most of your garden throughout the year than by installing some impressive lighting which will help open up the space all year long. And if its too cold to sit and enjoy your lighting display why not considering installing a warming fire pit?

Lighting up your garden in the evening when it’s already dark can lend a whole different approach to your garden. You can choose different colours for maximum effect – yellows and silvery blues work really well – as judiciously placed lighting helps pick out the shapes of trees and plants silhouetted against the night sky.

So, assuming we don’t have the largest garden in the world not to mention an unlimited budget for some stunning light show, what is the  best way to go about giving your garden an evening time makeover? The good news is that to create something understated and subtle should not really cost you more than, say, £100.00, whether you choose a few solar-powered stick lights to bring out the shape of the borders in your garden or a few LED uplighters to hightlight  a beautiful branch or some foliage. And that is one pointer worth bearing in mind here, incidentally – uplighting specific items is a much more effective and subtle way to highlight them than using more traditional downlighters.

A Great Example Of The Use Of Uplighters

When it comes to illuminating trees or foliage you need to use colour with caution, because it can have the unwanted effect of making some items, such as leaves, appear somewhat dark and sombre.

One last thing to bar in mind – always ensure that you place your lighting carefully around the garden so as to prevent glare from the lights shining directly into your home. Also bear in mind your neighbours. While an attrctive, well lit garden can look beautiful during winter you will not be very popular if you end up lighting up your garden like Santa’s grotto and disturbing the relaxation of your neighbours, not to mention yourself.

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