Special Occasions When Hiring a Photobooth Would be a Great Idea

by admin on March 7, 2013

In years gone by, people have either had to hire a professional photographer to capture those all-important moments on camera or rely on the photography skills of family and friends. However the latest trend in party and event photography is to hire a photobooth. In this article we look at a range of different special occasions where a photobooth would be ideal.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and as such you want to capture those happy memories in photos. However professional wedding photography can look staged and be very expensive, having to pay for both the photographers’ time to take and edit the photos, as well as for the prints themselves. If you choose to hire a photobooth for a wedding, you are able to instantly capture all your guests having fun in their own way.

People may enter the photobooth alone, in a couple or even in a group to pose for those fun shots that you can look upon in years to come and cherish. Due to the instant nature of the photos from a photobooth, your guests will also be able to take some photos home if they choose.

Capture your friends having fun at your wedding

High School Prom

For any teenager their high school prom is a big deal. There are loads of important decisions to be made about what outfit to wear, how to have your hair styled, whether to arrive in a limo or have your parents drop you off discreetly round the corner. As such a memorable event, teens will love to have photos of them and their friends having fun at their once-in-a-lifetime high school prom.

They can choose to capture their unique look in the booth alone, take in their date for a timeless keepsake or pose with their best friends. The instant photos will be treasured for years to come and may even be used in the yearbook.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremonies and the official drinks parties afterwards are always pretty mundane and you have to admit that graduation photos all look alike – a smiling adult wearing a cap and gown, clutching a mini scroll. Well wouldn’t it be nice to have something a little more fun that doesn’t just capture the importance of the event but the fun of university too. A photobooth will allow you to pose in a variety of fun ways with your scroll and capture you and your friends together.

Hardly the most exciting way to remember graduation

Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is one of the must looked forward to events in the working year and it’s invariably a time when people drink a little too much and get a bit silly. This type of party works really well for a photobooth as it allows staff to be captured doing their own thing at the party. Capture colleagues and friends in amusing poses and generally having fun. Plus the instant photos can be used to ‘remind’ them of their behaviour when back in the office in January.

These are just a few ideas for events where photobooths (such as those from http://www.pixpod.com/) are a great idea but there are also plenty more.

Image Credits: Momopeche and andybee21

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