Carpet Cleaning – Carpets And Allergies

by admin on March 6, 2013

Most of us do not even think about the carpets that cloak the floors of our offices or homes. But, scarily enough, this seemingly innocuous carpet can be one of the primary causes for quite a few allergies and even asthma attacks. The warp and weft of the carpet is ideal for the collection of allergens such as:

• Pollen

• Dust mites

• Germs brought in from outside with footwear

• Pet or animal dander and

• Spores of different kinds to name a few things


It is therefore important to undertake regular carpet cleaning. If you are a resident of Sherman Oaks, then one of the things that you probably need to deal with is the pollen count during certain times of the year. And this can be one of the things that accumulate in your carpets as well. But if you seek out professional Sherman Oaks carpet cleaning services, then you can enjoy clean and healthy carpets.

Who is at risk?

One of the big debates that took place a while ago was whether a carpet really does cause allergies or not. The contention was that the carpet fibers actually trap the allergens and prevent them from circulating within the home. But, even though this is true to an extent, the slightest movement of these fibers can cause the release of those allergens into the air as well. This also means that children and infants are the highest risk categories in such a scenario.

Can people with asthma have carpeted floors?

Most certainly, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. With the proviso that the carpet gets cleaned regularly and preferably when the asthmatic person is not at home. You can also choose carpets that do not have a deep pile. Synthetic blended carpets are also a great option for enhancing the look of the house and yet protecting the people inside.

Benefit of retaining professional carpet cleaning services

If you are particularly prone to allergies and probably even asthma, you can discuss this with the Sherman Oaks carpet cleaning services that you retain. They can then come in with special equipment such as vacuums fitted with HEPA filters. HEPA or high efficiency particulate air will ensure that it traps the allergens and takes them out of your house. They can also use approved and certified cleaning products which help with maintenance or even improvement of indoor air quality. Such carpet cleaning services need not be very expensive and and in the long run prove to be extremely beneficial for health.

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