How to Throw a Brilliant Baby Shower

by admin on April 7, 2014

Organising a baby shower for a best friend can be exciting and the best place to start looking for all the things you would need to make it a really special event is online. There’s a gorgeous selection of things, ideas and decorations on the Internet and the best part being it’s often much cheaper to source everything you’d need online. The other advantage being you can browse lots of websites, order what you want, pay for the items and all without leaving home before having everything delivered straight to your door.

Sourcing lovely gift ideas and baby shower goodies online is a lot of fun

When to Organise a Baby Shower

You can start sourcing things you’d need for a fantastic baby shower as early as you like and then hold the event late in your friend’s pregnancy. Most parents appreciate the event being held later than earlier because it means things are more exciting as the birth of the little one gets closer and closer. Besides, it’s always nice to see Mum with a big “bump” at the party.

It’s really important to get in touch with everyone well in advance of the event so they can make sure they will be there to celebrate the occasion. This includes making sure that grandparents don’t have any prior commitments. There’s nothing more disappointing than finding out people can’t attend because they have something else planned on that particular day.

You may decide to hold your baby shower after little one is born which is fine. It also means all the guests will be able to buy specific gifts for a little boy or little girl. The other nice thing about organising the event after the birth is that it gives the guests the chance to “coo” over the little one which makes a baby shower a really special event.

Holding a baby shower after baby is born means guests can buy specific gifts

Where to Hold Your Baby Shower

Where you decide to hold the event really does depend on how many people you are thinking about inviting to your baby shower. If there are going to be a lot of guests, you may like to think about booking a location other than having it in your house or the mother’s simply because of the tidying up needed afterwards. If you don’t mind doing this, then holding the event in your home could be a good option or you might like to think about booking the local community hall or an event room at a hotel that’s well placed in town.

What about Baby Shower Invitations?

It’s always nice to send guests traditional baby shower invitations by mail or you may like to think about sending people email invitations. However, whichever method you choose – which may be both – you have to remember to put RSVP on the invites so you know the numbers you would be catering for. You also need to be put clear instructions on where the event is going to be held and how to get there.

Invitations need to be sent out a few weeks in advance of the event so that people have lots of time to organise their schedules and to buy the perfect baby shower gift for little one.


There are some lovely ideas for baby shower gifts online and if you need inspiration on how to decorate the event and what to serve up when it comes to goodies, cakes and other things that will make the event extra special, then by browsing a few websites you’ll find all you need. This includes the type of invitation to send out right through to wonderful wrapping paper and cute napkins to suit the very special occasion that will be a brilliant baby shower.

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