How to Buy Eco-Friendly Christening Gifts

by admin on April 13, 2014

Over the last few years and with people becoming more environmentally friendly, there’s been a great trend where people have been choosing to offer eco-friendly christening gifts instead of more traditional ones. One of the biggest trends is to plant a tree in honour of an infant’s christening which is something they can then look upon and admire for the remainder of their lives. However, there are many other brilliant ethical baby christening gifts which you can easily source online from the comfort of your own home.

There are some gorgeous ethnically made infant clothing to offer as a gift

Browse the Internet

The first place to start your search for ethical christening gifts is online where you’ll find a multitude of sites offering very innovative and charming ideas that will go down a treat with everyone at the christening. There are sites that offer to deliver a tree directly to your door which you can offer as a unique christening gift on the special occasion.

Christening Gifts Made Out of Carefully Sourced Wood

However, there are other online retailers who offer innovative ethical christening gifts namely charming items that are made out of carefully sourced timber and this includes things like Noah’s Ark trains which kids love. However, you need to make sure you choose to buy the gifts from companies that are careful of where they source their wooden toys and if they make the toys themselves, they need to be able to show they only use sustainably sourced timber.

What about Ethically Made Infants Clothes?

You may also like to think about offering an item of infant clothing that boasts being ethically made. They say that babies can never have enough clothes so by offering a delightful eco-friendly outfit; the gift might be appreciated by the parents. There some lovely things to choose from which you can source online and this includes delightful little booties.

A Beautiful Hand Blown Glass Angel

In Guatemala, the people use recycled glass bottles to create beautiful angels which make the ideal eco-friendly christening gift to offer an infant. The figures are extremely delicate and made out of crushed glass that vendors collect from restaurants and bars. Placed in a child’s bedroom, these lovely angels will watch over the infant as they are sleeping and make gorgeous christening gifts.

Planting a tree in honour of a child’s christening is very popular today

A Charming Rosary

Another lovely idea for an eco-friendly christening gift is to offer an infant a charming rosary which you can find online and which is the perfect gift for a child born to a more religious family. It’s called a Tiny Rosary made from handmade wooden beads and there’s a delightful wooden cross which can either be burgundy, gold or olive green in colour. The rosary is made out of the wood sourced from fallen trees which makes it a lovely ethical christening gift to offer a child on this extra special occasion.

An Eco-Friendly Picture Frame

By offering a delightful eco-friendly photo frame as a christening gift, it means the parents can place a photo of the special occasion in it to commemorate the event. You can source lovely eco-friendly frames online which are hand-made by Nepalese craftsmen who make the frames out of a lokta plant which means no trees need to be cut down.


Sourcing gorgeous eco-friendly christening gifts online you will find some delightful ideas from ethically made picture frames to charming rosary beads. There’s also a lovely choice of trees you can order and have delivered directly to your door which means once planted the child and their family can watch it grow which is just one of the most popular eco-friendly christening gifts ideas around today.

Image Credits: Feltstream and Shubhada Nikharge

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