New Trend For Indigo In Home Decor

by admin on July 3, 2012

Every summer when the weather improves, decorative trends start to lean towards a naval theme, where whites and blues abound. But this year why not take things a step further by swapping that traditional navy blue for a more striking contemporary indigo?

The deep blue inky colour of indigo is a perfect foil for whites, as well as cool creams and greys, and works perfectly if you are trying to devise a stylish summertime decorative theme for any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. It works just as well when paired with other shades of blue where its rich, deep tones provide the perfect contrast.

The added benefit of going for indigo instead of a more standard blue is that it can transcend the season, crossing over into autumn without looking out of place where a colour such as light blue or royal blue might appear somewhat inappropriate.

The term indigo actually means to come from India, where it was originally used as an expensive vegetable based dye. In classical times it was regarded as a real touch of luxury . The colour became much more accessible in Europe and in the UK when the trade routes opened up to India many centuries later and its use was in fact  banned for a period  by Elizabeth 1  because it was regarded as a threat to the domestic market for woad.

For many years now the trend has been for white, cream or neutral coloured walls, the perceived wisdom being that they lend a room an air of spaciousness. Now modern tastes are veering towards darker shades and indigo fits the bill perfectly because of its sheer adaptibility.

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