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by admin on March 7, 2014

If you’re planning a massive spring clean this year and want to revamp the look of both your home and furniture without having to spend a fortune, there are a few smart ways of going about it which can also be great fun. Over time kitchen cabinets and especially the knobs and pulls tend to get a bit tired looking and the same can be said of door handles.
If you live in an older property, sourcing some door furniture to match the period can easily be done online and the same goes if you’re looking to find some great looking furniture knobs. Replacing handles on a few doors and cabinets can really impact the look of your home in a lovely and stylish way without having to spend out a lot of money.

Replacing knobs on furniture and kitchen cabinets adds a cachet of style

Finding an Online Retailer

Finding a company that sells good quality products online is easy, but you need to know you’re dealing with a well-established and reputable supplier and the best way of doing this is to read a few independent reviews. However, just by browsing the Net you’ll find loads of products which might fit the bill perfectly whether you’re looking for door handles, furniture knobs or both.

Classic, Traditional or Ultra-Modern?

You’ll find a superb collection of door handles from classic chrome, brass or crystal to ultra-modern ones which can totally change the look of a door and your home. The great thing about sourcing the items on the Internet from online retailers is you’ll find they are much cheaper than the same thing found in the high street. Then of course, the fact you can find what you’re looking for from the comfort of your own home, make an online payment and have the items delivered straight to your door makes it a very attractive option.

Revamping a Kitchen on a Budget

If you would like to revamp the look of your kitchen but are on a really tight budget, just by changing the knobs and pulls on the cabinet’s works a treat adding a unique cachet to the space without having to break the bank to achieve your goal. A quick coat of paint on the doors also helps but replacing the knobs adds the all-important finishing touch to kitchen cabinets.

Stylish crystal door knobs add a certain cachet to an ordinary door

Enhancing the Look of a Bedroom

The bedroom is typically your sanctuary; it’s the one room where you can really express yourself when it comes to the décor. If you’ve got fitted wardrobes, one great and inexpensive way to give them a make-over is to invest in some ultra-chic handles – think beautiful swirls of glass that come in a variety of pastel colours and hues, just perfect for a bedroom or even a stylishly redecorated bathroom.


Redecorating or revamping your home can add a breath of fresh air to the place and you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve your goal. Simply by replacing old and tired looking door knobs and handles or furniture pulls can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your home in a really attractive way.

There are some gorgeous designs from traditional looking to ultra-contemporary which means you’ll find something to suit both the style of your home and the décor you choose for each of the rooms. As a bonus, sourcing the items you like online means you could save yourself a heap of money.

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