Add Some Interest To Your Patio

by admin on May 15, 2012

Now that the weather appears finally to be improving, thoughts naturally turn to the outdoors and to pottering around in the garden. To make your patio an intimate place to sit back and relax, take a different approach this year and aim to add layers of differently sized plants and shrubs.  Also, why not create a privacy screen with trellis cloaked with some beautiful climbing plants which can then act as a backdrop to a bench or set of chairs surrounded by flowers or attractive foliage.

If your patio covers quite a large area, then its a good idea to try to break the space up a bit by using a mixture of tiles or paving, such as cobblestones, or even by inserting a few areas of artificial turf!

Arrange a collection of pots around and alongside your patio area  – a foolproof choice for potted plants would be busy lizzies in a variety of different hues.

Also remember that just because it is a patio it doesn’t mean you need to go without your favourite roses. Smaller varieties grow well in pots, so there is no reason not to enjoy their beautiful colours and fragrance in your patio this summer. One good idea is to keep an eye out for compact rose bushes and tree-like standards,  as well as minitures.

Sunflowers also make a great statement  sitting on your patio, especially in late summer. A simple but effective tip is to start sowing sunflowers now in individual pots so that they can be graded for height as time goes on. Remember layering differently proportioned plants and shrubs  adds to the visual impact.

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