His and Hers Joint Laser Hair Removal Session – A True Bonding Experience

by admin on December 24, 2013

It can safely be said that a “his and hers” joint laser hair removal session will be a date unlike any other. Sure it may not be the most romantic of experiences, but it will be fun, quirky and completely unique! For those wanting laser hair removal anyway, why not make it into a true bonding experience.

Here are some of the factors that make this a date couples are bound to remember.

Be Brave Together

The good news for couples is that laser hair removal is virtually pain-free and performed by highly trained therapists. However, that does not mean nerves will be completely exterminated. Many people will spend months deciding whether or not they dare to do it, so why not take the leap and simply brave it together as a couple. With each individual receiving support and encouragement from their other half, nerves are bound to be much less of a problem. Make the experience into an exciting one, and go through it together.

Laser hair removal is a great thing to do together as couples.

Defeat Embarrassment

Okay, so this experience could be a little embarrassing for couples. But that’s what makes it an ideal date. Defeating embarrassment and being able to laugh together is all part of growing as a couple. Hairy arms, legs, and even backs come with being human, so why not simply laugh about it and get laser treatment together. After an experience such as this, nothing will be embarrassing again and couples will be much stronger as a result.

Reap the Benefits

After having laser hair removal treatment, men and women are guaranteed to feel confident and secure in their own skin. For those who are insecure about their body hair, laser hair removal can cause a massive change in the way individuals think and act. Enabling each person to feel confident and sexy, couples will be able to strut their stuff as a stunning duo.

In addition to feeling more secure in themselves, couples will also reap the benefits when it comes to practicalities. For instance, husbands who are made to go through the painful process of having their backs waxed every time they go on holiday will no longer have to endure such suffering. And ladies will be able to get ready for a night out on the town faster than ever, thanks no longer having to shave their legs.

Through using the latest, most effective and advanced laser technologies, the permanent root of hair is destroyed, meaning unwanted hair will be gone forever. So, although it may be a little embarrassing at the time, the experience of getting hair removal is guaranteed to be appreciated for years and years to come. Practically, this also means couples will save money in the long-run as items such as shavers and trimmers will no longer have to be purchased, and money which was once spent on getting waxed can be used for a romantic meal out instead!

Laser hair removal isn’t as painful as people may think.


A “his and hers” joint laser hair removal session is a unique and unusual bonding experience, these can be booked at leading salons such as City Hair Removal. From defeating embarrassment and growing as a couple to reaping practical benefits, there are many advantages that come with this peculiar date. Couples wanting a date which is truly one of a kind, will find this experience is most definitely for them!



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