Taking A Look At Your Finances

by admin on August 15, 2016

So we’re more than half way through the year. How are your finances going? Not sure you want to answer that one right? Well don’t fear, you’re certainly not alone. Most people are still shaking off the tinsel and extra pounds (monetary that is) from Christmas and it’s well documented that this is the time to get on top of your finances to ensure the rest of 2013 is financial gold.



1) Short Term Finance


Lots of people are scared or put off by short term finance and payday loans, but websites like Quick Quid and Wonga make things slightly easier to understand. If you read the advice and make sure you fully understand the terminology and agreements involved then payday loans and short term finance could be a great option for getting your finances back on track and glowing in 2013. Just be mindful of the common pitfalls, and if used correctly, can help you in the short term.


2) Setting Allowances


It might seem like your being taken back to school days when Mum and Dad would allocate out pocket money, but there’s a reason they did this – it’s good practice for the real world, and its an excellent way of saving money. If you set up a direct debit so that a percentage of your earnings goes into a savings account each month then you’ll have to start working with less money – and you’ll be saving without even realising it. This principle applies personal & business finance. You can cut your regular outgoings by looking at expenses like home & office cleaning. Try companies like www.servicemasterglasgow.co.uk, who, as the name suggests, carry out office cleaning Glasgow business owners can rely on or https://proclean-glasgow.com for your home cleaning needs to see if economies can be made.


3) Avoid Offers


If you see a sale sticker or reduced label and rush to throw it in the trolley, just ask yourself, would you buy all that food or two pairs of jeans normally? Isn’t it more likely that the food will pass it’s sell by date before you get the chance to eat it, meaning you’ll have spent that little bit extra on gone off grub. And will you wear those pair of jeans you bought for half price? Offers can be the bane of any money-conscious person’s life, they creep up unannounced demanding you buy, buy, buy and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Ok, so perhaps a little dramatic, but seriously, leave the unwanted bargains alone.


4) Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


It’s a slippery slope, asking a friend how they’re coping in 2013 may seem like a bit of light relief if they’re in the same financial situation. But what if your friend or family member happens to be doing incredibly well for themselves – it’s going to make you feel bad, that’s what. On the other hand if you really re struggling they may be able to help take up some of the slack.


If your finances aren’t looking as rosy as you’d first hoped for 2013 the perhaps you need a rethink of how you see them. Some people are lucky enough to borrow an injection of cash from a relative or friend but not everyone is that lucky. Save money and work on leveraging your current skills.







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