Want to Be Taller? Try Elevator Shoes

by admin on July 16, 2013

Taller is on the wish list of desirable attributes for many individuals. Being tall often means being noticed more easily. It is also a model-esque quality that is considered to make people more attractive. Men especially, feel that they will be more respected if they have a little height. There have even been studies that show that those who are taller are paid better. Height is typically genetic, with your parents giving you the genes that will determine what height you turn out to be. There are other methods to giving yourself a little boost with height, however. There are ways to help yourself in the height department.

Nutrition and Surgery

Those who have good diets, especially before and during puberty, are likely to turn out taller than those who do not consume as many nutritious foods. Those who eat good foods will have a better chance at gaining in height than others, even taking into account genetics.
Though an expensive and extreme option, it is possible to have surgery to boost your height. These surgeries are performed by stretching the legs. Limb lengthening surgery is not common, therefore you would have to find a specialized doctor to perform this operation. This surgery is likely to be successful, but will undoubtedly cause pain.

Elevator Shoes

Heels for women have been popular quite some time. Women regularly wear heels as a fashion statement and to increase height whenever necessary. On every sidewalk or in every magazine you will see women wearing their adored heels. For men, there are elevator shoes. Elevator shoes are the best ticket to tacking on a few extra inches when you need them. Elevator shoes look like your average shoe, with some lift on the inside of the shoe. Elevator shoes can add a few inches of height while wearing them, which provides just enough height to be natural while still noticeable. Elevator shoes for men come in dress shoes and in casual shoes. Guido Maggi.com makes elevator shoes that work well for a variety of styles.

How to Invest in Tennis Elevator Shoes

It is best to purchase elevator shoes like you would regular shoes. You want to make sure that the pairs that you receive will match your wardrobe. If you are a casual guy, don’t forget to invest in tennis shoes. Tennis elevator shoes are the best for jeans and a t-shirt days. No one will be the wiser with tennis elevator shoes, as they will appear to be a normal pair of trainers.
It is always best to invest in a good solid pair of leather shoes. Whether you work a professional job and will need the shoes or if you enjoy dressing up for nights out on the town, a good, solid pair of elevator shoes made in Italian leather are sure to be impressive. Dress shoes should be a part of any man’s wardrobe as an adult. Kill two birds with one stone by investing in a luxury pair that will also provide you the added benefit of a few more inches in height.

Elevator shoes are not noticeable like they were in the past. Decades ago, it was obvious when someone wore a platform in their shoe. Today’s elevator shoes are well made, and look as nice as the luxury pairs of dress shoes that you see in boutique shops.

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