Unspoken Online Dating Rules

by admin on June 3, 2013

Online dating is very popular. There are unspoken clues to pick up on though. Some people are online looking for a deep companionship. Others are online seeking quick hookups or online thrills. Here are a few unspoken online dating rules to keep you from wasting your time.

An intimate ride, all a part of the dating experience!

Never Admit To Online Dating

The first rule of thumb is that if you admit to online dating you are opening a can of positive and negative worms. Some of your friends will be for it. This is mostly the friends that have never experienced online dating. Others will be against it. Those will be the ones who have had an experience and chances are they were bad experiences. They will either tell you how low you have stumped to dating online or how disappointed you will become with the process. Get yourself prepared to have multiple discussions and even be defensive once you admit to online dating.

Never Confuse Your Current Date with Someone Else

Even with pictures you are easy to confuse two or more people you are speaking with online. There is so much information placed in profiles it’s almost impossible to keep up. Once you have found someone you are genuinely interested in start digging deeper to learn more about them. Confusing ones occupation, funny stories, or where they live is a dead giveaway you’ve confused them for someone else.

Too Many or Too Few Photos

If someone has only one picture, an unclear picture, or too many pictures it may be time to steer clear. Too few photos are indications they are hiding something. Too many photos may speak arrogance and a self-centered individual. Once you’ve asked to see more photos some people come up with so many excuses such as:

• I just don’t want my information on the internet. Think to yourself why is this person considering online dating.

• I don’t have any pictures on my computer. Just about every online dating site has a mobile access. They can load it directly from there.

• I’ll put up more pictures if you send me some. Ask yourself if you are in 3rd grade exchanging trading cards and playing games or if you are verifying the identify of someone. Just move on.

Wants To Meet Too Quick

If anyone wants to meet after 2 conversations you should steer clear of them too. It’s important to be safe. An appropriate first meeting does not need to be a 5 star restaurant. Impressions are important but that is considered overkill and a bedroom plot in action. Once there is a talk of meeting when it comes to online dating Ireland, Scottish, Brazilian, or whatever type of coffee shop you run into is perfect for first time meetings.

As this vintage photo from 1942 shows, first date nerves are nothing new

Too Many Personal and Sensitive Details

There comes a point where you and your online associate are comfortable and ready to get to know each other more intimately. Those that give direct access on their profile about their family and personal life are screaming drama in their lives.

There are many other cues you’ll pick up throughout your dating process. You have intuition and it generally never steers you wrong. If you find yourself asking why this person is doing something chances are they are not a good fit.

About the Author: Victoria Heckstall is a freelance writer who writes on a variety of topics. She covers lots of relationship topics and even online dating topics.

Image Source: Kevin Dooley and Biblio Archives

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