Transform Your Walls With Plate Clocks

by admin on August 24, 2012

A novel but attractive way of giving any room in your home a fresh, appealing look is by creating a display of unusual plates. But not just any old show of plates – these are plates which you go on to equip with working clock hands, which can then be set, for example, to the time of different cities around the world.

If you don’t have any old plates lying around, there is no need to worry, because you can easily pick up a fine assortment from a range of sources, such as car boot sales, antique shops and vintage fairs.

If you have a particular room in mind for your collection of plates, then it makes sense to choose them in colours that will work well with your current decor. A mixture of plain and patterned plates tends to look best.

To adapt the plates into clocks you will need a kit – we picked one up from

So once you have your plates and your kit to hand, how do you go about transforming your crockery into clocks?

Make sure your plate is firmly sat face-down on a flat surface, preferably one you have protected with a cloth or towel if it could get easily marked. Carefully measure out the centre of the plate using a ruler – mark it on the reverse with a marker pen or something similar. You then need to drill through this centre point. The best thing for this is a drill, fitted with a bit best suited for robust ceramics – a diamond bit is recommended.

You can then let your artistic bent take over to an extent – create clock hand that will match the design and/or pattern of your plate. Once your clock hands are in place according to the pack instructions, add batteries to power up the clock, before sitting it on the wall in your preferred spot.

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