Tips On Choosing The Right Water Heaters

by admin on July 14, 2013

A water heater is an essential electronic gadget for home. This gadget becomes even more important when you live in a cold weather zone and you require hot water almost continuously.

Choosing the right water heaters can take on aspects such as:

• Type of water heater,

• Price of the different brands or models that are available in the marketplace,

• Capacity of the water heater and

• Whether you need to buy more than one piece.

With a few tips on choosing the right water heaters, you cannot go wrong in picking up the best possible heater for your home.

Energy ratings

This can be a big deal because it will directly impact the power consumption of the water heater. Depending on where you stay, you could look for energy ratings from various governmental organizations. A higher rated water heater simply means that it uses technology which will go a long way in reducing your power consumption.

Type of water heaters

There are basically 2 types of water heaters. One that offers storage and the other that does not rely on a storage tank to give you hot water. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages to offer. If your requirement of hot water is large, then you will be probably better off by going in for a storage type of water heater. But if you need hot water in small amounts and only for a very limited period of time, then even a tank less water heater will suffice.

Newer technology

Today, water heaters are coming up with some fabulous technology and this has resulted in advantages such as:

• Lower purchase costs,

• Simpler installation and maintenance,

• Higher energy efficiency,

• Longer life expectancy and

• Better overall performance as well.

One type of water heater that you can certainly consider is the one that is driven by solar power. While there are other options of water heaters that run on either gas or electricity, a solar powered water heater can prove to be even more energy efficient. Of course, the effectiveness of a solar powered water heater is increased tremendously if you live in a place that gets lots of sunshine.


The costs involved in water heaters should address areas such as purchase price, installation costs and maintenance costs as well. Try not to go in for a water heater simply because it promises really competitive or low purchase prices. You may find yourself shelling out a lot more during installation and maintenance. You can get a really good idea of costs when you compare different kinds of heaters from different service providers or manufacturers.

Size of the water heater

This is also an important criterion because the storage capacity would depend on the number of people who live in your home. Here, a storage type of water heater will definitely suit your purposes if you have a large number of people living in your house.

Warranties and guarantees

Quite a large portion of the decision-making process should be devoted to finding out all about the warranties and guarantees of water heaters. A manufacturer promises you a certain lifespan as far as the water heater is concerned. But, he should also be able to offer warranties and guarantees to protect the same and to replace any components that may malfunction.

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