The Writing’s On The Wall – Simple Styling Tips For Your Home

by admin on April 23, 2013

Everyone loves to have their home looking great and if you can do this with an added touch of style and individuality, so much the better. Here are a few simple tips to give your home a real eye-catching look:

Personalise your kid’s room and spell out something meaningful with the Personalised Letter Tile Wall Sticker by the Bright Blue Pig. Each letter looks like a giant scrabble so you can spell out a name or intersect words to make a short sentence. Available in many sizes and colours, they are a great way to give a plain or unadorned wall a fresh new look.

Another way to transform a bare wall in your hallway or living room is to create a photo wall. Seek out an inexpensive frame – one with a card mount will always look more professional and cover the entire wall with snaps, framed kids’ artwork and family achievements. You’ll fill a wall… while filling your home with family pride.

Transform an old boring bookcase or plain white shelving system by leaving the frame white and painting the backs of each pocket or section in a dramatic tone. This works to show off each shelf’s contents to full effect. It’s a simple trick but really will make all the difference and is sure to make a statement with minimal effort and cost.

With makeovers back in fashion, there’s no better time to arm yourself with the knowledge to transform cast-off furnishings into valuable and attractive home items. Paint specialist Anne Sloan shares 40 new projects and ides that will appeal, whatever your look. Form colourful boho chic to restrained Swedish tones, from cosy rustic shades to modern and contemporary, it’s all here. Colour washing, transfer printing, gilding, stencilling and glazing…they’ll all make your projects shine.

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