The Allure Of Building Your Own Indoor Pond

by admin on May 1, 2014

Indoor ponds can offer a great deal of attraction for a homeowner and their guests. Essentially, these can be of virtually any size and style. While some people have gone to the extent of creating large, couch-sized ponds that resemble aquariums, others have created much smaller units that can easily fit on a coffee table.

Why an Indoor Pond?

Bringing nature into the home has been a fascination of humankind for centuries. It connects us closer to nature and can be extremely relaxing. These areas can be used to increase an individual’s comfort level or add more to an homes-with-indoor-ponds artistic design.

What Health Benefits Are Attributed to an Indoor Pond?

Building one of these structures can help increase the humidity in the air. This can help with asthma as well as certain skin disorders caused by arid climates, such as psoriasis. While a pond may not cure your afflictions instantly, the increase in humidity can help reduce the onset of asthma attacks as well as clear up skin irritations.

Is It Hard to Build an Indoor Pond?

Building an indoor pond is relatively easy, depending on the size and available floor space. If you are building it on the second floor or above, you want to make sure that your home’s infrastructure can handle the additional weight. Most large ponds are built on the bottom levels of the home, reducing the amount of framework needed to support the weight of the water.

There are many different styles of ponds you can choose to build. In some instances, you may need custom washers in order to fasten the walls of your pond together depending on your own designs.

An indoor pond can add a unique look to a home and may increase the value to a potential buyer that is attracted to such creations. Some people have gone so far as to add fish like koi or goldfish to ponds to make it seem more alive. Let your creative imagination run wild and build something completely unique.

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