Teds Woodworking Review – Top 4 Woodworking Projects

by admin on April 15, 2013

If you’re looking out to find some good woodworking ideas, we’ll share with you the top four Teds woodworking plans listed by the company. These woodworking plans are so simple that you can finish them in a very short time. Let’s go to the list:

Wall Shelf

Make a versatile shelf that has a quick-drying finish and which you can put on the wall within one day. For best results, construct one that has extra-wide space at the top so you can easily put above collectibles, antique pieces and vases above.

For this Teds woodworking project, you will need a table saw and a miter saw. You may use scraps of low-end lumber in constructing the base and the cleats. These parts are not visible anyway in the finished product.

Entryway Storage and Organizer

You can build a handsome organizer for just a few hours. This is the best way to solving the problems of cluttering in the room. Jackets, shoes, belts and other stuffs that don’t seem to find their best places will now have a comfortable storage area.

Consider making the entryway storage and organizer locker that is well-loved by Teds woodworking plans fanatics. This project can be done with just four steps. First, you just assemble the basic box. After that, install the two central dividers. Finally, add the shelf and back supports and then finish by putting in the trim and the adjustable shelves.

Backyard Birdhouse

There’s a 16,000 Teds woodworking plans review on protedswoodworkingplans.com site that has shared with readers a nice backyard birdhouse plan. This is perfect for people who are bird lovers and at the same time needing a perfect twist in an otherwise empty-looking backyard.

For this project, you will need a little less than twenty dollars and you can finish it before noontime (provided that you start working after having your breakfast). Make also that you follow the step-by-step instruction from Teds to the letter.

It’s as easy as doing 6 simple steps starting from building the base which you can finish in about 15 minutes. Next, assembling the walls and the roof would take you about an hour.

Read more reviews on www.protedswoodworkingplans.com.

You follow that up by cutting and assembling the opening, and then do the finishing details. The fifth step is applying oil to protect the materials of the birdhouse from weather elements. And then lastly, you mount the birdhouse at a safe place in the backyard.

Garage or Shed Cabinets

This woodworking project from Teds is the best solution of all solutions to clutter around the house. If you can build two or three of these cabinets, install them somewhere in the garage or in the garden shed and arrange your clutters on their shelves, no doubt you will have less headaches. You will experience less troubles looking for things that you seldom use because they will be there neatly tucked inside these cabinets.

These cabinets from Teds require having sliding doors so you can be sure that every little thing inside will stay clean and if the cabinets are made to be suspended on walls, things inside will stay mold-free.

Read a review on protedswoodworkingplans.com every now and then so you’ll get more ideas. But buying the Teds woodworking package is the best approach if you want to see the exact details on how to make these woodworking projects.

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