Walking Boots: Which Brand Is Best?

June 2, 2014

When you’re out enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors, there is nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes. Shoes that don’t fit your feet right have the potential to ruin your hike with blisters or aching feet or muscles. Before you set out on your next hike, be sure you have the right boots. It’s a [...]

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The Truth About Counterfeit Watches

May 30, 2014

A glimpse of a luxury watch is a sign of true class, an understated elegance which silently screams style and taste. Unlike costume jewellery, a luxury watch is an investment; the quality of workmanship and the materials used are quite simply unparalleled. If you want to save a few pennies on the price of a [...]

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Shopping in the Quinta do Lago resort

May 26, 2014

Set in the heart of the Portuguese Algarve Quinta do Lago is a world class holiday destination. Quinta do Lago has a wide range of luxury facilities and fantastic activities to use and take part in. If when on holiday you love some retail therapy then Quinta do Lago also can offer you an amazing [...]

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The Allure Of Building Your Own Indoor Pond

May 1, 2014

Indoor ponds can offer a great deal of attraction for a homeowner and their guests. Essentially, these can be of virtually any size and style. While some people have gone to the extent of creating large, couch-sized ponds that resemble aquariums, others have created much smaller units that can easily fit on a coffee table. [...]

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The Benefits Of LED Lights For Your Home or Business

April 24, 2014

Optic Lighting is an LED lighting company that has been investing in LED technology for 8 years. They strongly believe in the future of LED lighting and the impact that it will have on energy efficiency in your home, business, and the environment. They are proud to say that their indoor LED lights can help you save significant [...]

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Organise Your Pet Via Smartphone

April 14, 2014

Why not keep all your pets details, and reminders, right on your phone! Have a look at this new App – Pet Pal – It is a fabulous new Pet Health Organizer, from AppsOnToast.com. Pet Pal is exactly what I need to manage all my pets information. The app stores all your pets vital details [...]

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How to Buy Eco-Friendly Christening Gifts

April 13, 2014

Over the last few years and with people becoming more environmentally friendly, there’s been a great trend where people have been choosing to offer eco-friendly christening gifts instead of more traditional ones. One of the biggest trends is to plant a tree in honour of an infant’s christening which is something they can then look [...]

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How to Throw a Brilliant Baby Shower

April 7, 2014

Organising a baby shower for a best friend can be exciting and the best place to start looking for all the things you would need to make it a really special event is online. There’s a gorgeous selection of things, ideas and decorations on the Internet and the best part being it’s often much cheaper [...]

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A History and Evolution of the Cigar

April 6, 2014

It was over 500 years ago that the great explorer and adventurer Christopher Columbus first discovered tobacco and from this came what today is enjoyed by connoisseurs the world over, the cigar. The rise in popularity of the cigar was unprecedented with kings, presidents, Hollywood movie stars, discerning gentlemen and a fair few ladies of [...]

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Trouble in the Ranks – Avoiding Friction between Teammates

April 6, 2014

There’s no avoiding human nature and the way we interpret and react to others, which in turn means it’s impossible to rule out a certain level of friction and the occasional conflict. What’s more, put a bunch of people together in a relatively close and highly charged environment and you have yourself something of a [...]

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