New Dualit Model Set To Supplant Classic

by admin on October 23, 2012

Now toasters are not the kind of thing you tend to get particularly excited about. They have been something of an indispensible part of your everyday kitchen accessories for many a year now, but as the weather gets a bit colder that bowl of muesli or smoothie for breakfast has a tendency to make way for something a little more comforting, and what could be more warm and comforting than a slice of hot, buttered toast – for preference with some delicious unsalted butter.

When it comes to toasters the acknowledged number one has long been the Dualit. It was introduced in 1955 and has barely changed in its design since then, its retro look proving a huge hit with consumers in the Noughties and beyond.

But that has all changed  now with the introduction of a sleeker, more curvy model. The durability and features remain, but the new model wlil look equally at home in a Fifties terrace or in a luxury penthouse. Featuring removeable panels it comes in a range of eye-catching colours  so you can have a different look whenever you choose, whether you are completely revamping your kitchen or just  fancy a change. Prices start around £70.00 for a two slot model. While that’s expensive on the face of it, you are really buying a future classic that will last for a generation and perhaps more with proper care.

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