Never Written A Song? Here’s How…..

by admin on March 17, 2013

If you have never written a song before, but love music, then you may be tempted to think that the process of song writing is extremely complicated and something you could not possibly master. However with a bit of perseverance and attention to detail, you could soon be turning out tunes which, while they are maybe not going to win you a Grammy or a Brit award, are at least the first step on your musical journey. Here are a few of our top songwriting tips - see if they work for you:

The first thing you should probably decide is whether you want to concentrate on the words or music first. On the basis that we are talking about song writing, rather than poetry, tackling the music in the first instance would appear to be the more logical choice but you should do things in the way you find works best for you.

If you have a melody in mind, you can always work out the lyrics at a later time if necessary by using any old words in the first place, just to see how they scan and hang together. You can then replace them with you chosen lyrics later.

If you are having trouble getting started with the music, try to stick to a formula. Most popular songs follow a fairly established pattern of verse, chorus and bridge, repeated in a certain order. Sticking with this type of pattern can run the risk of leaving your finished song sounding a little formulaic, but it is at least a good starting point – you can experiment with the structure as your confidence grows.

One other tip you really should bear in mind is to make sure you are ready to spring into action if and when inspiration comes calling. You should have a notebook to hand into which you can jot down any memorable lines as they pop into your head. Inspiration comes in so many forms – it could be something you see while you’re out walking or on the tube to work, the important thing is to be prepared to record it for use later on. With more and more people carrying smart phones with them, this can be more easily accomplished.

To improve your song writing you should also expose yourself to a wider variety of musical styles, as some of this new music you are listening to will inevitable penetrate your subconscious and be of use when your are on a writing project.

The most important thing when it comes to song writing is to persevere. Unless you are extremely fortunate – or talented – your earliest efforts will be pretty much along basic lines, but as your confidence and ability develop, you will be able to embrace more challenging work. And if you need any convincing that you can progress with experience, just compare the early Beatles records to some of the work done by them just a few years later on albums like Sergeant Peppers or Abbey Road.




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