Need A Red Microwave?

by admin on January 2, 2013

There are so many labour-saving devices used around these days that there can sometimes be a tendency to take some of them for granted. While everyone is excited about the latest coffee machine by Nespresso or Gaggia, those humble standby devices like the kettle, toaster or microwave do not tend to attract such attention.

But that is not to say that these items are no longer valued, simply that they have been around for a while. It’s hard to imagine starting the day without a slice of toast or a fresh cup of tea or coffee. Equally when we want something tasty and nourishing, but we do not have a lot of time at our disposal, is there a handier gadget than the microwave? Whether you are cooking up a simple bowl of hot, heartening soup on a cold winter’s day or some delicious indulgent scrambled eggs for a leisurely weekend breakfast or brunch, it’s hard to beat a microwave for speed and convenience.

The other great thing about these types of gadgets is that manufacturers are paying ever more attention to their design and styling. Want a red microwave to go with your kitchen decor? No problem. A stainless steel toaster to match your kettle? Easy. Household gadgets are no longer just utilitarian tools but attractive accessories in their own right.

So, while trends come and go, there remain a few fail-safe gadgets that we all need. Whether that new coffee machine can stand the test of time and secure a place alongside the old favourites remains to be seen.






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