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by admin on July 22, 2012

One of the problems many homeowners find these days – especially owners of recently constructed homes – is a major lack of storage space. Indeed there is a story – perhaps apocryphal – of one  young couple who actually store their iron, ironing board and vacuum cleaner miles away in their parents home because of the lack of available space at home.

Finding storage space is a conundrum which designers are constantly faced with but the good news is that many are now using clever, imaginitive ways to hide that clutter.

New build homes have been cutting back on precious storage space for years, while those of us who live in older, period properties have spent our time converting areas like attics  and cellars into extra accomodation to keep our knick-knacks. So what can we do if we find ourselves stuck for space? If, for example, you have a bike and live in a small apartment you could consider the ingenious Bike Shelf, which effectively becomes part of the furniture or the Cycloc which will allow you to keep your bike safe and securely stored without using up too much room.

Exercise  equipment is another problem in a confined space. A terrific idea here is the rowpit. This is an ingenious way to conceal a rowing machine under the floor of your apartment – accessing it by means of a trapdoor.

And if you are a bit of a wine buff or a serious cook but don’t have the space in the kitchen to keep your prized selection of vintages or expensive cookery equipment, why not consider a spiral cellar, a underfloor larder and/or wine cellar under the kitchen floor? Now, none of these are particularly inexpensive options, but if space is really at a premium they may just be worth the outlay.

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