It’s A Jungle Out There!

by admin on May 28, 2012

If you have never been lucky enough to go to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London then you are in luck because a new TV series featuring Sir David Attenborough is set to give viewers a unique insight into the gardens.

The new show is called the Kingdom of Plants and will be shown on Sky 3D. The filmakers spent a year at Kew getting never-before-seen footage of some of the amazing species growing there using a combination of time delay and 3D picture technology.The time lapse photography gives a truly unique insight into the world of the plants featured,  while the added element of 3D gives real impact to the pictures.

One part of the series features a number of different plants such as bladderworts, sundews and the much more well know venus flytrap as they trap their unsuspecting prey.

Threse “carnivorous” plants may seem to us to be extremely exotic, but you can actually grow them at home without very much difficulty.  They need to be cultivated in moist sphagnum moss, watered with clean rainwater  and left to sit in a bright spot. Oh – and you need to “feed” them a few small insects each week.  The insects provide the plants with all the nutrients they need to survive.

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