How To Save Time And Enjoy Neat Garden Edging, Gravel And Aggregates

by admin on October 6, 2013

We all love gardens, the beauty of it for sure , but we also need to make sure that it is practical ,

What means it does not required too much time from us. Choosing the right plants and products that will last many years is actually very important part.

Gravels or other aggregates are easy to use as ground cover but to make it all looking well for many years it is better to use the right foundations of weed barrier and edging . Weed barrier will stop the weeds and will prevent the aggregate from sinking into the soil.

Edging will keep it all contained looking neat and tidy; It will stop the lawn from growing into the aggregates area. I heard from one gardener that they could not use a strimmer near the house as there was gravelled area near the lawn and when using a strimmer it flicked the little stones near the house window – what an break the window.

Time saving- every year

It will save time on the maintenance- the last one is important as these hours every year are add up with the years. Even 5 hours a year over 20 years might be worth a lot of money / time to save.

Choosing the right edging for gravel path……..

Timber edging was in use many years, but tend to rot in just few years, these days there are so many alternatives that will last many even more than 20 years to choose from .

Some alternatives as bricks may add an extra feature , wich may not really fit any other structure in the garden and might mean a lot of work and high costs.

We found that heavy duty recycled plastic lawn edging, will last over 20 years , bare visible, safer than metals and very cost effective- so time saved value will pay the investment in just few years .

So you will have less work and neat and tidy garden safe for every body

If you like the idea of  having a neat lawn, but are not sure where to pick up the necessary equipment, don’t despair. Here are a few good places to find the lawn edging you need……

On Amazon heavy duty garden edging for gravel path / lawn edging

On Ebay heavy duty garden edging for gravel path / lawn edging

Direct heavy duty garden edging for gravel path / lawn edging

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