How To Prevent A Costly Disaster In Your Home Or Garden.

by admin on February 22, 2013

Bamboo plants, trees and even some weeds in some situations have very powerful roots and rhizomes which can cause extensive damage to property. There is no doubt that bamboo plants are beautiful, with evergreen soft leaves that move softly in the wind, in addition to very attractive canes, but many people are not aware that bamboo plants have large spreading roots ( called rhizomes) below the surface of the ground, which can become the bane of the gardener’s live, as they spread everywhere, causing disruption as they go.

There are even stories about how these quick-spreading roots can quickly cross under a roadway, sometimes even breaking through the road surface or tarmac

In the domestic setting these same roots can cause havoc, spreading under paths and lawns, destroying everything in their path.

So what should you do if you have bought a home with bamboo already in the garden or if you would like to enjoy the site of bamboo in your garden, without the attendant hassles?

The answer is to install a simple root barrier – something that is easy to use, but robust enough to do the job, such a 2mm very heavy duty root barrier for bamboo -  to prevent the rhizomes or weeds encroaching into areas you don’t want. These barriers are strong and flexible enough to withstand the spread of the plants roots, as well as other weeds, leaving you free to enjoy your garden without stress!

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