How To Choose The Right Cleaning Company For Your Home

by admin on July 15, 2013

There is something very comforting about employing the services of a domestic cleaning company. After a hard day at work what could be nicer than to get back home to fund that the mountain of chores that had been building up has been dealt with.

There is just one problem – there are just so many cleaning companies out there – how can you possible sift through the hype and marketing and make sure you are employing a reliable and professional firm. Well, don’t worry  - its not that difficult. Here are a few simple suggestions that should help you make the right choice:

Are they insured?

You are entrusting your chosen cleaners with your home and its possessions so make sure they have comprehensive insurance in place just in case something goes wrong. This is the perfect way to sort out the fly-by-night companies. They will seldom be prepared to go to the expense of organising insurance. Ask to see a copy of the relevant insurance policy and if this is not forthcoming look elsewhere. Many companies such as Proclean Domestic Cleaning will actually display their current policy on their website for all to see.

Do they have testimonials from satisfied clients?

Any professional business that has been operating for a period of time should be able to show you written testimonials from satisfied clients. If they are not able to do this you should really be asking, why not?

Do they guarantee their service?

Cleaning is to some extent subjective, but if you are not happy with the quality of the work done on your behalf you should be entitled to ask your cleaners to put matters right at no additional expense. Any service provider worth their salt should stand behind all their work with a no-quibble guarantee.

So there you have it – three simple tips to help sort out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to choosing a cleaning company for your home.


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