How Fast Are Ground Ambulances?

by admin on April 8, 2013

Accidents and emergencies happen at a time when you least expect it or during times you are caught unguarded. At times when life-threatening emergencies arise it is already a common gesture to call emergency technical team to rescue patients. However, for these medical personnel to arrive to the scene, they need to be on board a fast fleet or an aircraft to traverse them to the area where medical emergency is needed.

Basically, medical emergency personnel use the two best modes of transportation to reach the site of emergency: on the ground or through the air. Both of these modes of transportation are equipped with tools and equipment needed to attend emergency situations and boards skilled emergency personnel who will be providing the needed emergency treatment while travelling.

Medical responses that make use of air transportation use an air ambulance. Just like ground ambulance, air ambulance operates with utmost safety measures. Aside from transporting patients on an emergency situation, air ambulance is also used for non-emergent patient transport such as transporting an elderly patient who is not fit to travel on land or sea. Moreover, air ambulance is perhaps the fastest way to respond to emergency situations because it does not face traffic.

Ground ambulance on the other hand is the most commonly used mode of emergency transportation. If you ask, how fast can a ground ambulance respond to an emergency call? Well, the fastness of the response really relies on the area where emergency is located and the city limits in it. However, time estimates for a ground ambulance to respond is anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. If you want a faster response from a ground ambulance, then make sure you provide the information clearly and that the landmarks such as house numbers must be visible enough for the responders to see.

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