Horse Insurance A Necessity

by admin on March 20, 2013

Equine based activities are an extremely popular pastime that is enjoyed by millions of people on a regular basis. Whether as part of a particular sport, leisure or social activity horse related activities or Equine activities are popular for a variety of reasons. However it is an undeniable fact that purchasing and owning a horse or pony requires a significant investment, when taking into account the various elements, as well as services such as Vet fees that are required for the upkeep and ongoing medical care of a horse or pony.

In addition, not only is the upkeep of a horse or pony extremely important, but also the inclusion of public liability cover, by virtue of the fact that a decision by the House of Lords, means that the owner is liable for any damage or injury caused by a horse or pony, which as most would agree could well be a substantial amount. It is for these reasons that many take the logical step of insuring their horse.

As with any form of product or service it often pays to utilise niche or specialist style products and services which are specifically tailored towards the particular area of interest. When it comes to horse insurance, E & L Insurance services are one of the most renowned available, and who happen to be one of the leading providers of equine insurance products for over 20 years. This engaging organisation offers a comprehensive suite of insurance products catering for many situations and circumstances related to horse and pony ownership and management. Their horse insurance cover is a comprehensive cover that caters for the specific requirement of the horse and owner and includes public liability cover.

With a choice of different levels of cover, the owner can choose a policy which fits their budget. In addition, the cover also offers up to £5750 of vet fees per incident whilst also offering cover for saddlery and tack, personal accident as well as the aforementioned public liability cover. One of the key elements of this renowned insurance provider is that they currently offer a 20% online premium discount as well as an additional 5% discount if insuring more than one horse.

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