A Stylish Alternative To The Patio Heater

by admin on May 25, 2012

As the weather improves it is great to spend time out of doors relaxing in the garden. The only slight problem with doing so in the UK is that when night falls things can get a little chilly. One way of dealing with this is with the now-ubiquitous patio heater. There are two problems with these – (one) they don’t look all that attracrive and (two) they are not exactly environmentally friendly.

So what is the alternative? Why not try out a fire pit. These are all the rage in the States and are growing in popularity on this side of the pond too. In essence a fire pit is just a new name for a portable brazier in which you can burn various different types of fuel, from charcoal to wooden logs. Not only will they give off a pleasing warmth on a cool summer evening, but you can also use them for cooking as well. This makes them pefect for our climate as they provide both the warming glow and somewhere we can grill our burgers and kebabs

There is, however, a bit of a knack to using a fire pit effectively. You need to light your fire pit a good few hours before your guests arrive for an al fresco party. This gives sufficient time for the fire to take light and for any smoke to disappear, leaving a pit full of warming glowing embers that everyone can enjoy.

While most  fire pits can be used for both heating and cooking, you will find that the majority of models available these days are designed mainly for one function or the other,  so when you are choosing the one for your garden just bear in mind what you want to achieve with it.

Fire pits come in a range of different styles and designs from the rustic to cutting-edge modern. Some of the most attractive designs are those made by Italian manufacturer AK47. Top of their range is the Zero fire pit , a round-shaped pit in oxidised steel and featuring an optional grill. Its not cheap at £2990.00 but it makes for a stunning focal point for your patio.


If this is a little too rich for your blood, another good make to look out for is Eva Solo, the Scandinavian designer. Check out her stunning charcoal grill which easily doubles as a fire pit  at a more affordable £399.00

As you can see, you can easily spend substantial amounts on the fire pit of your choice, but you do not need to break the bank. There are plenty of fire pits available from garden centres and DIY outlets costing less than £100.00.


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