Have You Got A Onesie Yet?

by admin on June 2, 2013

Fashion  trends come and go – that in a sense is the nature of the beat. The world of fashion is so fickle that it can sometimes be hard to spot the next big thing or when that next biog thing arrives to understand quite why it has become so successful.

In this writers view at least, that’s certainly the case with one of the biggest success stories on the high street over the last few years, namely the “onesie”.

Never heard of them? Then you are in the minority. A “onesie” is in essence a large size romper suit for adults, kids and teenagers alike. The name is the diminutive of an all-in-one. They are to be found in a bewildering array of colours and designs, from the comfortable and stylish to the downright bizarre.. Some ascribe their popularity to our cold climate where it can be most appealing after a hard days work during winter to come home and snuggle into your onesie in front of a roaring fire. But a new trend has now emerged with onesies and that is to wear them for sponsored events., Up and down the country there are onesies days in offices, parks and clubs raising money for charity. Participants in the recent London marathon ran the course in their onesies, no doubt finding the experience a little on the hot side.

And it’s not just here in the UK that the onesie is set to conquer all before it. In North America they are becoming ever more popular, especially in Canada. Again this may be due in some small part to the long winters there. In any event, inspired by the success of the garments in the UK, Canadian wholesaler and retailers Savenongoods has decided to branch out into supplying onesies. They have already found success with their animal inspired wild hats that you will find principally on the ski slopes and hope to replicate their success with the onesie. They are  going for the more “fun” angle, with onesies available in bright – some might say garish – animal prints such as zebra, giraffe and tiger. Perfect with matching animal hats?

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