Handy Items For Your Beach Holiday

by admin on August 20, 2012

Once, a trip to the beach meant taking with you little more than a towel, a bucket and spade and perhaps, if you were holidaying in the UK where we are prone to unsettled weather, a windbreak to shelter behind if things got a little blowy.

That has all changed now and there is an endless variety of items you can pick up to make for a more comfortable trip to the beach. We thought we would have a look at some of the more intriguing items available:

Beach Dome (pictured):  This really is the must-have item for the beach this summer, providing shelter for all the family. Try out the Solartent Easy Plus Shell which will provide SPF60 protection from the sun,  as well as a handy back sheet to afford some respite against the wind. It will cost you around £40.00 from theseasidecompany.co.uk

Solar Radio:  It’s always nice to be able to lounge on the beach listening to some music, but your enjoyment can be spoliled if the batteries run out on your radio or MP3player. That’s where the solar radio by Roberts comes in handy. It absobs sunlight and will give up to twenty seven hours play time when the battery is fully charged. If you prefer to listen to your own choice of music it also has a dock for an MP3 player or iPod. It will set you back around £80.00 from robertsradio.co.uk.

Cool Bag:  Now no trip to the beach would be complete without somewhere handy to keep your food fresh and your drinks cool.There are lots of choices out there, but we like Joule’s vibrant cool bag at around £20.00. It’s big enough to carry food and drink for an entire family.


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