Grooming Gifts for Men

by admin on October 18, 2013

With Christmas fast approaching and everyone worrying about what to get their loved ones, we thought we would share a few gift ideas for the men in your life.

As the sentence always on most women’s lips at this time of year is “What can I get him for Christmas this year?”

Well whether you are looking for your husband or partner, a male relative or just a special male friend in your life, grooming products are always a safe bet. Of course every male over a certain age needs to remove facial hair (unless they are growing a beard), so shaving kits, aftershaves and balms are wise choices.

So where do you look for these fantastic gifts?

Well the high street is a good place to start with many retailers from Next to Marks and Spencers offering reasonably priced aftershave and grooming gift sets, but if you want something a little bit different or that extra bit special try the shops that only deal with grooming products for men. They will be a little more expensive than the high street versions but most will be of higher quality and may well last longer and of course they will be appreciated all the more for their seemingly more uniqueness. Online is also a good port of call as there are many mail order companies who specialise in those special gifts for men.

Shaving is often a popular gift idea for men.

So what if you are still struggling, well here is a few ideas for those men that are hard to buy for…

Lynx sets

Lynx gift sets are some of the most reasonably priced gift sets out there, they start from around about £4 and come in loads of different fragrances to suit every man and every occasion. These are available at most supermarkets.

Aftershave is a popular product.

Nivea sets

Nivea skincare also offer lovely gift sets for men, normally containing face wash, shower gels and moisturisers. They offer a specialist sensitive range for those with delicate sensitive skin.Prices vary but start from around £6 for mini bottle gift sets and are available from most supermarkets and chemists.

E shave sets


For a more specialised grooming experience, try E shave’s shaving kits.

They are available in white tea, orange sandalwood, lavender and verbena lime fragrances

Prices start at £40 for pre-shaving oil, shaving cream, after shave cream, shaving brush and waterproof toiletry bag. Available online from

Mister Nesbitt Grooming Kit

Mister Nesbitt’s Grooming Kit is specially designed for those of more expensive and traditional tastes. All the packaging is hand designed and covered in nue-buck leather combining traditional tastes and contemporary styled products.

Mister Nesbitt crafts grooming kits to suit each individual, prices start at £500 to around £5000.

And for those who are growing a beard…

Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Pack Men’s Grooming Kit is specially tailor to clean and gently care for men’s beards.

The olive oil and rosemary beard oil is made from 100% natural ingredients and fragrance free.

The kit includes whisker wash, Moustache wax and beard oil.

Image credits: greggoconnel and AvedaCorp

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