Give Your Garden A New Long-Lasting Look

by admin on April 10, 2013

Home and property owners have long been plagued with landscaping blemishes: water wells, septic tank risers, backflow pipes, pumps, outlets, a never ending swarm of utilities appearing on the horizon! The main problem with these objects is the fact that they can’t be removed, and in most cases planting flowers, shrubs and bushes near them is also a big no-no because utility workers often need to inspect and maintain these utilities.

Lucky for us, a new solution has arisen in the form of an artificial plastic boulder. A company called DekoRRa has mastered the fine art of molding imitation rocks out of an uber durable, flexible and crack resistant polymer. these things look scary real! The colors and textures are spot on, and they are manufactured using molds cast from actual slabs of granite. Totally realistic.

The manufacturer even went so far as to patent a unique staking flange system which allows the enclosure to be pinned to the ground and the stakes then covered with mulch or soil. These are true commercial grade covers that are designed to withstand anything from freezing cold and snow to searing desert heat. 100% green design too. they are made using recycled plastic containers. totally green and totally cool!

Home owners: It’s time to Say Goodbye to all those UGLY lawn and garden utilities once and for all! Folks even use these faux boulders as standalone garden and landscaping accents. That’s how real they look! And since they are waterproof and totally non-toxic they have a variety of applications in ponds and water features for skimmer covers etc.

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