Garden Clean Up Auckland Style

by admin on May 28, 2013

With many Auckland gardeners now feeling the cool pinch of winter it’s time to get out in your back yard patches for a good old garden clean up. Jack frost will be here soon and the desire to get out in the garden will soon diminish if you dont prepare your garden for winter in Auckland now.

Most Auckland gardens easily survive the winter but here are 2 things to consider when doing your section clean up.

1. First and foremost should always be safety. Most home gardeners dont realise that when dealing with organic matter there are a raft of diseases these days. Just read the side of you compost bag ! At the very least your body should be covered and you should be wearing a decent pair of gardening gloves.

2. Dead Matter, if you live in Auckland and you are only just doing your clean up now then DO NOT compost your leaves and garden waste. It is now already too wet and damp to do so and you run a good chance of growing a whole lot of mould and fungus then spreading it through your garden. Simply rake it all up and bag it for collection or make a trip to your local transfer station.

Or, if you dont have time to do it yourself you could hire Garden Clean Up Auckland and have your winter clean up done for you by the professionals.

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