Faux and Fabric Cubes and Drums – Great for Kids

by admin on February 5, 2014

Furniture has never really been associated with fun or excitement; for the majority of the time it’s more of a practicality than anything else.

As such, there isn’t really much about furniture which appeals to children; aside from being something to break or jump on, they don’t hold much interest. So when it comes to choosing furniture that will primarily be used by children you want to choose something different, seating that they can connect to.

This is where faux leather and fabric cubes could provide the solution.

Non-Conventional Furniture

Children like fun, different and new things, so when choosing furniture kids can appreciate, maybe you should go for something different; try opting for non-conventional furniture options.

Cubed furniture looks fantastic.

Be it a school, a youth club or any other children’s setting, faux leather and fabric cubes and drums might just be the non-conventional furniture option you need, and could be the ideal solution for you.

Cubes and Drums

Sofas and chairs get the job done and they do it well, but they are a little staid and uninteresting. A more innovative seating solution comes in the form of cubes and drums. These padded shapes can be utilised to create brilliant and versatile seating arrangements. They can either be used individually or as part of a larger unit as one wishes. But possibly the most impressive and beneficial feature of these furniture items is that they are intriguing and different.

Cubes or drums are much more interesting and stylish than conventional seating options and they really add a cool and new aesthetic to a room. As such, they will be a hit with any teenagers and older children. Not only this, but they are very customisable and come in a range of different colours to suit your existing interior design scheme.

They can also greatly appeal to younger children as they are more fun than conventional seating. There is a further appeal in the basic shapes, and anyone creative enough could easily make use of them in teaching basic geometry or mathematics.

Cubes and drums are very basic in design and can help create a relaxed atmosphere in a room. They’re simplistic and casual and can really help create a brilliant environment for children to have fun, relax or learn in.

Added Safety

Whether its chair legs, metal frames or anything else, conventional chairs can potentially lead to accidents and injury.

If you instead choose cubes or drums you choose a much safer seating alternative. Due to the basic shape of a cube or drum, there are no protruding features or hard edges (even the edges of the cubes are padded), so you eliminate most of the risks associated with chairs. When it comes to children, eliminating risks is a must, as children are the most prone to accident and injury.


Another crucial benefit to using cubes and drums is the sheer versatility of them. They can be used to create a whole host of different seating arrangements, which can be great for rooms for children.

Non-conventional furniture will make your living room stand out.

Let’s say you have a room which doubles up as a chill-out zone and a games room too, you’ll want to choose seats that can easily be shifted out of the way when it’s time for a game, and put back in place afterwards. Cubes and drums can be moved very easily and can be hefted around with little effort. Not only this, but they are very versatile when it comes to storage as they can be stacked and tucked into corners neatly.


Faux leather and fabric cubes and drums can be a great solution to your seating needs in a child-focused establishment. They’re practical and versatile, yet they’re casual, fun and different, and any child will prefer them over conventional seating arrangements.

Image credits: St. Blaize and kevygee

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