Family Activity Holidays in the French Alps

by admin on June 19, 2014

Taking the family away for a holiday is exciting but finding the right destination that offers the kind of outdoor activities everyone enjoys can be a bit of a challenge. That’s the beauty of the French Alps, not only can you get there in record time, but the region offers a myriad of exciting and thrilling fun things to do in the great outdoors that will keep every member of the family happy no matter what age the youngest happens to be. The choice of places, chalets, camp sites and hotels is brilliant and it goes without saying the hospitality of the region is as warm as a lovely summer’s day in the Alps.

Kayaking is a great outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy is superb settings

A Great Summer Destination

Spending a few weeks during the summer in the French Alps with the family means guaranteed sunshine and a choice of brilliant things to do outside from kayaking to mountain biking through some of the most beautiful high altitude and valley sceneries on the planet. The weather tends to get pretty hot during the months of July and August but the rivers and lakes boast nice, cool waters. Taking a break for a picnic and refreshing swim is a must. The summer is the best time of year to really enjoy the mountains, landscapes and gorgeous lakes of the region.

A Superb Choice of Outdoor Activities

No matter where you choose to spend your time in the French Alps, you’ll find there is a superb choice of outdoor activities close by which families can enjoy together. Checkout this site for some good examples –

Activities include guided or unguided walking tours through the surrounding areas. You might prefer a cycling adventure which means exploring the many valleys and mountain routes all of which are extremely well sign-posted.

Depending on the age of your children will obviously dictate the type of activity the family would be able to enjoy together. If your kids are on the young side, kayaking and wind surfing on the lakes offers a great all round fun experience for all family members. However, if your kids are that much older, there’s white water rafting and paragliding which will give everyone the kind of adrenal rush they love.

The beautiful French Alps, the lakes and brilliant water sport experiences

Finding something for the Whole Family to Enjoy is Easy

With this said there are so many other outdoor activities that families can do together including the following:

• Canyoning

• Rock climbing

• Water skiing

• Wind surfing

• Sailing

• Kite Surfing

• Lake swimming

• Horse riding

Wonderful Camp Sites Dotted Around the Region

If you love the idea of a camping holiday, again the region boasts some of the best camp sites on the planet and they all cater extremely well for families travelling with children of all ages. Most of the bigger sites boast swimming pools, tennis courts and some even cater for people who enjoy pampering themselves with spa therapies.

Local Festivals Not to be missed

The region is renowned for local festivals where you can really get a taste of the Alps in all senses of the word. There are food and drink festivals, music extravaganzas and art exhibitions showcasing local and international talent. Again there’s something to please everyone when it comes to spending a thrilling day or evening at one of the many festivals organised in the region throughout the summer months.


One of the best things about choosing to holiday in the French Alps as a family group is that you can choose how you would like to get there. Some families find it that much easier to drive to their holiday destination whereas other people prefer to catch a flight. But whichever way you do decide to get to where you plan to go, the one thing you can be sure of is the whole family is in for a very exciting time in a region of Europe that boasts some of the best scenery and outdoor activities on the planet.

Image credits: undiscoveredalps and Matija Potocnik

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