Entrance Doors – Make a Striking First Impression

by admin on March 23, 2013

Entrance doors don’t have to be boring, in fact, they should be far from it. A chance to enchant, impress and warmly welcome visitors, entrance doors speak volumes for the home. From style to size, every aspect of the front door can play a part in making a striking first impression. Homeowners should use the entrance door as the start of creating that homely ambience. Here are some great ways in which entrance doors can make a striking first impression.

Full of character, entrance doors are available in a range of styles.

Enchanting Styles

Classic and timeless doors such as the Victorian entrance door will make for a striking impression. From its detailed stained glass panels to its bold, brass colours, the Victorian entrance door is a true masterpiece. Available in a range of styles such as the half glaze arch and the Victorian twin arch, this type of door is delicately and beautifully designed. Homeowners wanting to create a traditional and enchanting ambience will find the Victorian entrance door combines classic beauty with artistic overtones.

Those looking for a more contemporary style may find the simplistic, wooden door is the option for them. Smooth and sleek the contemporary, wooden entrance door will create a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere before guests have even stepped foot inside.

Superb Sizes

Those looking for that ‘ooh’ effect will find that double doors instantly cause jaws to drop in admiration.

Large and luxurious doors will instantly have guests impressed, making them eager and impatient to step inside. From majestic oak doors to grand glass doors, whatever design homeowners choose to go for, big, double doors are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on those passing by. Anyone who has the sufficient room for double doors and is aiming to create a spacious and relaxed atmosphere will find that these doors are the ultimate way to impress.

Captivating Colours

Colour will also play a large factor in determining what impression entrance doors make. Whilst bright and bold colours such as yellow and green will give visitors a fun and friendly welcome, lighter colours such as beige and cream will suggest that a calming and relaxing atmosphere awaits guests. Homeowners should match the colour of their entrance door to their personalities, to give their home that unique and individual touch right from the word go.

Personal Touches

Speaking of individual, adding those few personal touches to the entrance door will make for a great first impression. Cottage signs and inscribed text will make for a warm and friendly welcome. Family and friends are sure to admire and recognise delicate touches such as a novelty door knob or a personalised letter box. From buying an old fashion door knocker to a contemporary bell, there are many ways to add character and personality to entrance doors. Just by adding a few fun features to the front door, it will be clear that the home is one of a kind right from the start.

A few personal touches will make for a striking entrance door.


Available in a range of colours and designs there are many spectacular entrance doors to choose between. From enchanting styles to captivating colours, homeowners should make their entrance doors as creative and original as possible. A great way to make a striking first impression, entrance doors can be the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary home.

By Maria Hubbard.

Image Credits:Ken Doerr and szczel

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