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by admin on June 8, 2012

When it comes to decorating your new home you may well have a definitive idea of what you want to achieve. But, if not, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to see the woods from the trees, as it were, with so many choices out there. We thought we would have a look at a few different styling ideas for the home and offer you a few of our top tips:

Vintage style wall paper: This style of wall covering has made a real comeback in recent times. It looks stylish and adds a sense of grandeur. However it can occasionally be a little overwhelming. To achieve the best results, consider the scale of the wallpaper design as well as the size of the space you are aiming to decorate. Small designs – such as small floral prints – can look a bit fussy in a large space. Big patterns, on the other hand, can sometimes be too much if used throughout a room, but they are perfect for a bold and vibrant feature wall, with the remaining walls decorated in a more neutral fashion. When thinking of the right design, pay attention to the predominant colours and make sure it matches with or complements the colours in your fabrics and furniture.

Window blinds: Japanese style panel blinds are perfect for a neat modern window treatment, in place of more conventional curtains.  They will enhance just about any room. For a contemporary look and to create a versatile living area, use panel blinds to cover large windows, or folding doors so that the panels stack neatly and unobtrusively into place when not in use. Sliding panel can also be used to create distinct areas in the home, such as a dressing area in bedroom. They are also a fantastic way to screen off any unsightly areas, such as storage areas.

Flooring Options: Carpet remains the number one choice for most of us when it comes to flooring, but the vast range of modern vinyl or laminate flooring options make for a practical and stylish alternative that is ideal for those high traffic areas in the home. Floors need to look and feel great, but they must also be hardwearing, especially if used in areas like reception halls and elsewhere in a busy household. When it comes to colour, lighter floors will give the impression of spaciousness, while darker surafces should be avoided in more confined spaces. To give your home a rustic appeal, think about using light wood or a pale stone effect floor covering. Lay wood or stone diagonally in the hall or entrance of your home. This will draw the eye of visitors and help convey an impression of spaciousness.

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