Dog Day Afternoon

by admin on August 31, 2012

We Brits are known as a nation of pet lovers and particularly so when it comes to cats and dogs. There is just one problem, though, and that is their unfortunate habit of making a bit of as mess of our carefully planned and thought-out decor. Whether its a little “accident” on the carpet, or scratches on the furniture, it can often be a challenge keeping your home looking good when there is a pet around the house. But perhaps those days are at an end with new brands like Oka and Cath Kidston now providing attractive, stylish – and just as importantly, comfortable and practical -  furnishings for your pet.

As if to emphasise this growing trend, in addition to these companies, the doyen of home design, Conran, is also set to unveil a new stylish range of pet furnishings, or petware as it is sometimes bizzarely called. One example of their new product range is a rocking bird cage, pictured, made by a specialist French manufacturer and costing an eye-watering £1,895.00.

One of the most popular of all items for your pet dog is a comfortable dog bed. There is certainly plenty of choice around but if you are looking for a good selection or for something a little more out of the ordinary you could do a lot worse than visit where you will find printed beds in natural linens. Or perhaps you would prefer something like the cotton dog cushions on offer at The name says it all really.

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