Design Revolution: Latest Ideas in Interior Furnishing

by admin on August 30, 2013

Fashions in Interior furnishing have changed dramatically over the past decade, making the home more stylish than ever before. Keeping up with trends and following fashions will make for a truly beautiful and eye-catching home. Combining inspiration with imagination when it comes to furniture, fittings and other accessories is a spectacular way to create individual and unique rooms.

Here are some of the latest ideas in interior furnishing which will help homeowners design a fabulous and jaw-dropping home.

Luxury Couches

Creating a relaxed, luxury ambience is key when it comes to the lounge. Making a space which is cosy and comfortable will benefit the whole family and is guaranteed to be much appreciated.

A luxury couch – makes a massive difference to an apartment

Spacious, soft-coloured couches are currently extremely popular amongst homeowners and have revolutionised the world of interior furnishing. From recliner sofas to corner couches, there is an array of luxurious seating available. With alternative models constantly being created, those looking for a creative and innovative couch are guaranteed to find it. From curved to low-back seating, there are a variation of fantastic, luxury designs on offer. Adding a touch of panache to the home, a large, spacious couch will have major benefits when it comes to both comfort and style.

Patterned Seating

Having completely transformed and re-invented itself, patterned seating is back with a bang. Gone are the days of those overly floral 70′s sofas and walls, now patterns are all about being simple but sophisticated, intricate yet not overwhelming.

Having just one or two statement pieces of furniture and keeping the rest of the room minimalistic will make for a stunning and stylish home. Natural, understated tones such as white or beige will beautifully complement patterned seating, enabling it to stand out and have a striking effect without creating an overwhelmingly intense atmosphere. Those looking to create an irresistible, charming lounge will find this innovative seating idea will do exactly that. Look at some examples at

Soft, Cosy Textures

Interior design isn’t just about appearance but is also concerned with texture and touch. Creating an experience that is more than just visual will have visitors completely mesmerised.

From having classic cosy, soft rugs which are snug to lay on, to displaying innovative marble walls that are captivating to touch, there are arrays of materials and textures which can be used. Those wanting to create a home which stands out from any other, will find creating an enchanting experience when it comes to furnishing is the perfect way to achieve a unique and unusual atmosphere.

Innovate with a marble wall

Hand-made Accessories

Knitting and embroidering is back in fashion and has become hugely popular this year. From storage boxes to seat coverings, having hand-made accessories has become a must in the home.

Using on-trend pastel colours to embroider and knit, this traditional activity has taken a contemporary twist. Intertwined into a modern and simplistic lounge, a few hand-made accessories will make for a romantic and captivating home. Creating a personal and intimate ambience, this brilliant interior furnishing idea is bound to make the house a home.


These great interior furnishing ideas will make a gorgeous home. From making a striking statement with a uniquely patterned armchair to adding a personal touch to the room with beautiful hand-made accessories, there are many fabulous fashions currently on trend. Those looking to dazzle visitors will find these interior furnishing ideas will have a truly enchanting effect.

Image Credits: Urbane Apts and Mykl Roventine

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