Customised Coat Hangers for Weddings

by admin on August 29, 2013

So you’ve picked your dress, the venue is booked and all the invitations have been sent out…it’s time to start thinking about the smaller things that need sorting out when it comes to planning a wedding.

One thing that often gets overlooked is where and how you will hang the bridal party’s clothes. It’s very important that all of the outfits are protected and cared for in preparation for the big day; after all, you definitely don’t want a creased dress.

Customised wedding coat hangers are a great way of ensuring that your clothes are properly hung in a way that won’t ruin them, and there are many more advantages too! We take a look at just a few.


One of the greatest benefits of having customised wedding coat hangers is that you can choose exactly how you want them. There are a variety of shapes, sizes and styles available, so the choice is yours.

One of the most popular picks is the padded hanger, as they are great at protecting clothes but also come in a variety of different colours. You could even get them to match in with the colour theme of your big day!

 Custom coat hangers can be great for wedding gifts.

You also might want to extend your choice from just a coat hanger to a garment cover as well. This is where your clothes hang up inside a protective layer. This is particularly advantageous for when you’re moving outfits from place to place, as it helps protect your clothes against accidental spillages and dirt.


Customised wedding coat hangers are eminently practical for all the different wedding outfits. While you could buy standard plastic or wooden coat hangers, these could actually be quite unhelpful.

Simple wooden or plastic hangers are more likely to cause creases, especially in trousers if they are folded over, so why not get coat hangers with clips on? These are ideal as you simply clip the top of the trousers and they hang loose, helping them stay straight and allowing creases to drop out.

When it comes to dresses and shirts, padded hangers allow the clothes to gently rest on a soft surface, which helps to protect them. It also means that they stay in shape, as the harshness of plastic or wooden hangers can cause misshapen shoulders, particularly in the wedding dress as it is usually very heavy.

Keep Sake

As well as being very practical and personal, customised wedding coat hangers make for great keepsakes after the wedding. Why not continue to use them in your everyday wardrobe after the big day; after all, they are completely personalised to your taste!

Every time you see them in your wardrobe you’ll also be reminded of the happiest day of your life and all the excitement and preparation that went along with it.

Great Gift

Another fantastic way that you could use customised wedding coat hangers is as gifts for your bridesmaids. As you can personalise them with people’s names, each bridesmaid can hang their dress on a coat hanger emblazoned with their name, and keep the hanger afterwards as a gift.

A custom coat hanger is a unique gift.

Just as you could keep your own wedding coat hanger as a keepsake, so too, can your bridesmaids. They will always be reminded of the great memories of a wonderful day they shared with a friend. This also means you don’t have to worry about finding additional bridesmaid gifts and can tick another job off your list.

Added Extras

Finally, customised coat hangers for your wedding are a brilliant added extra to your big day, visit for a good selection. This should be one of the biggest and happiest days of your life, where you get to have everything just as you want it to be. When you look back you’ll remember all the little things just as well, so make sure you have it exactly how you want.

The great thing about customised coat hangers for your wedding is that they are very practical as well as personal. Whatever style you buy, you will need coat hangers for the wedding outfits; this is just a special way to ensure that your clothes are as well protected and cared for as possible.


Whether you are looking for interesting bridesmaid’s gifts, or you simply want a special way of looking after your wedding outfits, then personalised coat hangers are a great choice.

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