Caring for Leather Furniture

by admin on July 27, 2013

If you’re going to look after your leather furniture and upholstery properly then you really need to use the correct products for the job. This probably means that at some point you’re going to be buying a leather care product made by Gliptone.

Gliptone Liquid Leather and Leather Preserve products were the original leather care products sold by World of Leather, Kingsbury Interiors, Harveys, Courts, Furnitureland, Pendragon Furniture, Fraylings Land of Leather, Yarwoods Leather and the Co-op. This helped establish these products with a reputation as being the best leather furniture care products available.

The Liquid Leather and Leather Preserve ranges made by Gliptone include products designed for leather furniture cleaning, sealing and restoration. The products are formulated to work specifically with the many different types and colours of leather found on modern and antique furniture.

It’s certainly important to note that not all leather is the same. Indeed, Gliptone’s Liquid Leather website contains a vast amount of information on how to care for the many different types of leather furniture and which products are most suitable for the task. It gives details on the 6 different types of leather which are used to make leather furniture and how to find out which one is used on your own leather furniture. It also explains why the care required for each of the different types of leather needs to be different.

The website also has lots of useful tips and info. For example, it explains why tricks such as using hair-spray to remove an ink stain on leather furniture works, but also why you might want to think twice before doing it and why you might really be better of using a specialist leather furniture cleaner instead.

Gliptone formulate and produce all of their leather furniture care products in-house at their factory in the UK and they still supply more furniture manufacturers with leather cleaning and leather care products (including the largest furniture retailer in the UK) than any other company. It’s no wonder that when it comes to caring for leather furniture they are considered to be the experts.

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