Camping Technology – Gadgets to Make Your Trip All the Better

by admin on March 14, 2013

With spring approaching many people will be planning their annual family camping trips. Although sleeping in a tent is not everyone’s idea of a good holiday, there are plenty of gadgets that will make camping all the more comfortable and enjoyable. In this article we will explore some of the fantastic gadgets that have been taking the world of camping by storm.

Add LED lights to your tent to make it more visible in the dark


It is frustrating when you have just managed to get to sleep, only to be woken up by a clumsy camper tripping over your tents guy ropes. Avoid these little accidents by attaching small LED lights to your tent. They make it much easier for people to see your tent pitch, without being too blinding! If on the other hand you are the clumsy camper, it may be worth investing in a torch that you can take with you on those trips to the toilet block in the middle of the night. Many companies now manufacture torches with bendy legs, which can be used to wrap around tree branches, rocks and other objects, turning the torch into a fully functional lamp.

Sleeping bags

Whilst modern sleeping bags are much warmer and cosy than they used to be, many people still find them very constricting making it hard to get comfortable. Instead of purchasing a traditional sleeping bag, why not go for one of the newer sleeping suits? These are like baby grows, only for adults, made from quilted material ensuring you will feel warm and snuggly all night long. The great thing about these sleeping suits is that you can walk around in them early in the morning whilst you are cooking your breakfast on the stove!

Solar panel chargers

If you cannot bear to leave your mobile phone and mp3 player at home, then you may benefit from purchasing a solar panel charger. These charging pads can simply be left out in the sun and then used to charge up your devices using a USB port. They can also be used to charge other camping gadgets like electric stoves. Solar panel charges are much more practical and environmentally friendly than batteries.

Pocket showers

Rather than having to get up at an unearthly hour to be first in line in the shower block queues, why not purchase a nifty little pocket shower? This innovative product is powered by solar heat. All you need to do is fill up the little bag with up to ten litres of water and then leave it in the sun to warm up. When you are ready for your shower you simply have to hang the bag from a tree branch and turn the tap on.

Keeping warm

If you find that you often get too cold to sit out in the evening whilst on a camping trip, then you may benefit from purchasing a heated camping chair. Yes these chairs really are the ultimate luxury in terms of modern camping. Heated camping chairs are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries and take around ten to twenty seconds to heat up. Many of them also have a number of heat settings for you to choose from. With these chairs you will never have to spend a freezing cold night around the camp fire again!

Replace your camping chairs with heated camping chairs for added luxury!


Although camping was traditionally all about basic living and being at one with nature, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a few of these innovative gadgets to make your holiday all the better. This new technology has changed peoples’ perception of camping and enabled more and more people to enjoy holidays that they once would have dreaded!

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By Megan Hunt who advises you buy Outwell tents for your camping trip and cram as much technology as you can fit in it!

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