A Little Ray Of Sunshine….All Year Long

by admin on August 6, 2012

It may have been a miserable summer so far, but one sure way to add a bit of a summery feel to your home is by means of some brightly coloured furniture and/or accessories. Now is the time to lift the spirits and energise your family with a dash of vibrant, bold colour. And when it comes to adding colour, nothing speaks quite so brightly during summer than yellow in all its hues and shades. Redolent of a field of sunflowers swaying gently in the breeze in sun-drenched Provence perhaps, but nonetheless welcome all the same amid the gloom of a British summer.

And when it comes to finding the right statement piece at the right price we think we have three great suggstions:

Jonah 2 seater sofa from Made.com: This sunshine yellow sofa has a modern style but with just a hint of the retro look thanks to its curvy frame and thin tapering legs. It boasts clean lines, almost Scandinavian in its simplicity,  comfort and colour – how could you ask for more?

Descartes sofa in sunshine velvet: This settee is almost like a booth in a luxurious hotel or restaurant on legs. It simply oozes class and style at a not unreasonable price of £1400.00. It boasts a heritage look, thanks to its evergreen shape and deeply buttoned upholstery. The dynamic golden velvet will look great in just about any style of room.

Cecilia standard sofa in Fabrizio Citrine: This offering from specialists Barker and Stonehouse will set you back almost two thousand pounds, but it is a piece of real style that is built to last. It features a classic look, with curved arms and a buttoned back  and the vibrant colour really finishes things off.

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