8 Unusual Features to Add to a New Bathroom Installation

by admin on August 31, 2013

If you’re redesigning your bathroom, there are a whole host of interesting features you can choose to incorporate into the design to make it something truly unique.

The limit to what you can put into a bathroom really is just confined by what you can imagine, but we have a few off-the-wall suggestions that could spark a few thoughts for your new room.

1) A coffee machine

Some of us like to spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. Long, luxurious baths with oodles of bubbles and a good book can only be enhanced by having hot drinks on tap.

Where there is plumbing, there can easily be a coffee machine. Recessed into the wall and plumbed directly into the cold water supply, there’s nothing to stop you having a frothy coffee or a decadent hot chocolate to enjoy in your bath without even leaving the room.

2) A fire

A recent trend in bathroom design has seen the installation of recessed fires into walls in bathrooms. A real flame from a gas fire adds a real touch of class and style to a bathroom and makes it a welcoming place to spend time in the colder winter months.

3) Sinks and taps

There is such a wide variety of sinks and taps available now; it is child’s play to choose something that makes a statement about your individual style. In addition to the traditional ceramic, there’s glass, marble, bare metal and even wooden sinks in a huge array of shapes and sizes to reflect your personal flair, visit this website for some ideas.

Sinks come in all kinds of unusual shapes

Taps can also be found to show off a bit of individualism in the bathroom. From open faucets that channel waterfalls into the sink through to unusual corkscrew taps, there’s something to suit every quirk of taste.

4) Super showers

Showers are no longer the one-trick pony they once were. Rather than just providing you with a place to wash, they can now double up as saunas, steam rooms and hydrotherapy massage suites with a whole heap of gadgets and gizmos.

Even if you’d prefer to stick to a simple shower, the range of styles of shower heads on offer is mind-boggling. A large disk head to simulate gentle summer rain through to waterfall showers that pound down on your shoulders, you can also tailor the enclosure to reflect your style, which brings us on to…

5) Mirrors and glass

Modern bathroom designs are incorporating increasing amounts of glass to bring lightness and brightness to the room. Using plain glass as the divide between a bedroom and en suite is proving popular, though not amongst those who value their privacy!

Mirrors are also a very popular way to add character to the bathroom. Elegant gilt-edged mirrors over the sink can blend well with dark wall coverings to create an intimate feel, while hand-cut mirror hangings on the wall can reflect light into dim parts of the room and create a spacious feel.

6) Meaningful décor

Incorporating things that are meaningful to you into your bathroom can make for a truly unique room. Whether you choose to turn your now-archived collection of vinyl into bathroom tiles or use an old motor oil drum as the vanity unit in your industrial-inspired bathroom, they add a touch of quirkiness to your design.

7) Soft furnishings

Making the bathroom into a place where you want to spend time rather than a room that is purely functional can make for a wonderful effect. The addition of an armchair or chaise longue makes the room feel like a place to relax, and can encourage your partner to spend time with you when you’re luxuriating in the bath.

8) Bathing

The range of bathtubs on offer today is truly staggering and what you choose is confined only by what will fit and what you can afford. Sunken baths and custom-built tubs made to fit in the odd angles of your room can create space for a bath where you might not have believed one would fit.

Maybe even add some mood lighting to your bath


The bathroom is the latest frontier in cutting-edge interior design. Include some quirky details and really make the room unique.



Image Credits: Yvette Soler and Trishhhh


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