5 Great Reasons to Take Your Children to the Playground

by admin on May 24, 2013

Playgrounds are an essential part of almost everybody’s childhood; most people have fond memories of playing on the swings and slides with their friends after school or during the summer holiday.

Although taking your children to the park might not seem as exciting an outing as it was when you were the child, there are many advantages to doing so. Not only will your child have lots of fun, and grow up with fond memories similar to your own, but there are also many other fantastic benefits. Below are 5 great reasons to take your children to the playground.

1) Exercise and Physical Development

Firstly, the playground is a great place for children to exercise and develop physically. In today’s society many children are overweight and motivating them to do exercise can be a very difficult thing. Taking them to the playground is a fantastic way for them to exercise without even realising it!

Running around with friends from the swings to the slide and swinging from one monkey bar to the next are brilliant ways to exercise while having fun. They also help the child develop their physical skills such as strength and stamina.

Going to a playground is great exercise for children

2) Develop Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a very important quality, and something that can easily be developed in the playground. As a child overcomes the climbing, swinging and sliding challenges of the different pieces of playground equipment they can experience a sense of accomplishment which builds their self-confidence.

Many children also make friends in the playground, and playing with other youngsters is another great way to build their confidence. Meeting and making friends without their parents’ help can be a real achievement for many children, resulting in a growth of self-confidence.

3) Develop Social Skills

As previously mentioned, many children make friends in the playground, as it is a great place for them to meet their peers. But not only do children make friends, they also learn how to take turns on the equipment and exercise self-control while they wait for their turn.

The social skills developed in the playground at such an early age are an essential first step in developing what they will need as they grow up. This is another reason why taking your children to the playground is a great, and important, experience.

4) Develops their Mental Abilities

Playgrounds really help children develop their mental abilities; this is particularly true for children under the age of 6. Younger children learn the most in those first few years through motor activities and sensory experiences, and the playground offers both of these in abundance.

The more sensory and motor activities a child takes part in during those early years, the further developed their neural connections become which are then likely to stay throughout their life. Playground equipment offers children the chance to take part in many sensory and motor activities which are perfect for mental development.

5) Relaxation and Money Saving

The final great reason to take your children to the playground is so that you can have a break while your children let off some steam. You may want to meet other parents in the park and sit on a bench having a chat while your children play, or you may simply enjoy some time to think while your children are still safely in sight.

Going to a playground will save you money that other activities would cost

Letting them use up all of their energy in the playground also means that you are likely to have less energetic children at home, and they might just go to bed on time! During the school holidays, it is also a very cheap day out. Most public playgrounds are free to enter, and children simply love them, so why not have a money saving excursion?


Playgrounds are great places where children love to have fun, but there are also many other benefits such as those mentioned above. With these five fantastic reasons to take your children to the playground, you should be heading out the door now!

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