by admin on October 5, 2012

Why You Should Add A Screen Enclosure To Your Home

If you are considering adding a pool cage or screen enclosure to your deck it is a great idea. It offers added benefits and should be considered by all homeowners. -Enjoy the outdoors. Sometimes it might be uncomfortable to sit outside of your home. Bugs and pests such as no seems can be quite irritable. Unfortunately too many home owners just stay in doors, but an enclosure covering your patio or pool area allows you to enjoy the outdoors free from an bugs or pests. Using phiber glass screen no bugs can get in allowing you to enjoy the outdoors from from itchy pests and insects. -Safety. If you live in a tropical area such as Florida it is no secret that dangerous wildlife can pose a problem. Large and small alligators can cause harm with just a bite. Even more deadly snakes such as a water moccasin can kill a full grown human with just a little bite and these creatures often end up in your pool. A screen enclosure is a great way to prevent them from entering your pool and provide safety on your patio. With a screen enclosure never fear for your safety again. -Increase Home Value. Like all home additions the screen enclosure will enhance the value of your home. it will make it more attractive to buyers therefore you should not think of the screen enclosure as an investment. Screen enclosures often enhance the appearance of your home and make it the gem of your street and neighborhood.

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