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by admin on October 16, 2012

Something that has beeen increasingly popular in the home interiors front and which has made a major impact this season is the use of metallics, whether it’s in the form of high-glosss finishes or lustrous fabrics. What’s new, however, is that many interior designers have now decided to opt for subtle, gleaming finishes, rather than the full-on assaut from traditional metallic finishes, with metals such as bronze, copper and even pewter finding their way into design collections the length and breadth of the country. Take, for example, the designer Tom Dixon. This season he has introduced a subtle understated range of lights in handmade ceramic finishes which he has called Lustre (pictured)

Lustre Light Square By Tom Dixon

These lights follow on from the designers previous inspirational use of metallic finishes in his Mirrorball and Copper Pendant pieces.

Another design firm pushing the boundaries when it comes to all things metallic is Ochre, where they specialise in soft, subtle lighting with the careful and studied use of metallic finishes. Their speciality is understated glam, making clever use of metallic finishes to create pieces that will outlive mere trends. A particularly fine example of the company’s work can be seen in its Axis MundiĀ  table lamp, below.

Axis Mundi Table Lamp By Ochre -


If your budget will not stretch quite this far, but you still want to indulge in the fashion for metallic lustre, than why not take a look at Liberty, where you will find a range of attractive, covetable and afforble lamps and accessories to suit any surroundings.

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